Art or Vandalism Zhianjo

Art or Vandalism

Art or Vandalism.

A couple of weeks ago i saw a blog of “Life: a Scot in Norway” about graffiti with the title “Art or Civic Vandalism”.

By the way “Life: a Scot in Norway” is a very good blog.

And it inspire me to visit some points in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, were some graffiti, this is my opinion of course, is for me art.

There are lots of points where it is vandalism, it’s very irritating when you have to clean your property, but as you can see in this photos graffiti can be art.


These photos where taken in “de berenkuil” in Eindhoven. Berenkuil means bear pit.

And then there are the wallpaintings.

Or is it really a painter who is painting the wall.







And then there are these wallpaintings across the PSV Stadium in Eindhoven.

Sometimes i wonder is something a wallpainting or is it graffiti.

So the question will always be is graffiti art or vandalism?

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