White-faced Saki zhianjo

White-faced Saki

White-faced Saki

White_faced Saki

This White-Faced Saki also known as Guianan saki or the Golden-faced saki was showing of when i passed by. He really was doing a photo shoot and he wasn't shy at all. So i could get some nice photos of him. He was looking very serious but still turned himself in a lot of different ways just to show the people his face and his body. Now i can hear you think face, body hummm. But when you look at him it's just a small human beiing in a certain way.

White-faced Saki White-faced Saki

White-faced Sakis are living in small groups and is a type of New World Monkey, found in Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname and Venezuela. This species lives in the understory and lower canopy of the forest, feeding mostly on fruits, but also eating nuts, seeds, and insects. Males and females live in small groups. Despite practicing monogamy in zoos, but in the wild when the groups are bigger it is known that they are not monogamous.

White-face Saki

In the wild, white-faced sakis have been known to live about 15 years. In captivity it is known that they can become up to 36 years old.

White-faced Saki
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