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Statue of World Peace

Statue of World Peace

On june 3rd, 2004 the famous Chinese artist Yao Yuan unveiled his work of art, Statue of World Peace, in the France village Grandcamp-Maisy. This was done during the 60th annivarsery commemoration of the Normandy landings.

Yao Yuan was in the time of the cultural revolution condemned to factory work. After this period he decided that he would devote his life to the cause of world peace.

The statue is a woman whose outstreched arms are releasing a dove. It is ten meters high and it weights 8000 kilo.

Statue of World Peace

World Peace Manifesto

A pure, angelic girl stretches her beautiful wings and is transformed into a magic bird, ascending at the very moment she releases the dove of peace.

As she soars in her infinite imagination, she asks the heavens these questions:

"When we all want peace, 
Why is the world full of conflict?
Why are endless wars still ravaging the earth? 
Why do famine, poverty and plague still keep humanity in bondage?"

Her prayer is simple:

Statue of World Peace

"Citizens of this global community, love our earth!"

Together let us stop war and live in harmony!"The Statue of World Peace expresses humanity's everlasting pursuit of creating and safeguarding peace.

Sculpted in the style of a traditional Chinese painting, the statue combines the flying goddess of the East with the angel of the West.


Frank Peregory

In front of the Statue of World Peace you see a memorial tablet that is dedicated to Frank Peregory. He was a US Technical Sergeant of the K Company, 116th Infantry, 29th Infantry division. 

Frank Peregory

On June 8, 1944 US troops of the K Company, 116th Infantry, approached the France village Grandcamp-Maisy. The Germans were firmly entrenched, with a machine gun, on high ground overlooking the village. Numerous attacks by the US troops, even with tank and artillery fire, proved to be ineffective. Technical Sergeant Peregory run up the hill, under heavy enemy fire, and leaped into a trench. There he encountered German soldiers, eight of them were killed with handgrenades and his bajonet, and three German soldiers did surrender themself. He went further up the trench to the position were the machine gun was and another 32 German soldiers did surrender themselfs including the soldiers who did operate the machine gun. This action opened the way for the US troops to secure the objective. For his action Technical Sergeant Frank Peregory did recieve the Medal of Honor. Six days later on June 14th Sergeant Frank Peregory was killed in action.


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