Incandescense by Séverine Fontaine Zhianjo

Incandescense by Séverine Fontaine

Incandescense by Séverine Fontaine

I was very lucky to meet miss Fontaine on the thursday evening when she just had finished her project for showing it to the public. She is a nice good looking young lady coming from France. The light bulbs are a combined project from her with the Philips Corporation. I was looking at the light sculptures when i saw her sitting in a chair looking at her work. I asked her if i could take some pictures of the work and then she asked me if i liked her work. So then i knew that she was the lady who made this piece of art. We talked quiet a bit and after i had taking my photo's she said come back tomorrow around six then we give a try out. So the next day i went back and shot the movie. After that we had a talk and i said to her that i was impressed by her work. So lets take a look at miss Séverine Fontaines work i hope you will enjoy it just like i did.

GLOW Eindhoevn 2015

Incandescense Incandescense

Séverine Fontaine

Incandescense  Incandescense

GLOW Eindhoven 2015

Incandescense by Séverine Fontaine

Merci et au revoir

Incandescense filmed by Zhianjo
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