Westpark München Zhianjo

Germany: Westpark München

Germany: Westpark München

Westpark München

Germany, Internationalen Gartenbauaustellung 1983 what was held in the, 69 hectare big, Westpark of Münich. Now it is a park where people can walk, sit and relax and children can play. 6000 Big trees were planted for the exhibition and 1,5 million cubic meter of earth was moved to get the landshape for the exhibition. So enjoy the photo's that i took on my walk through the park when i was there on my holiday.

Bavarian Forest House

Original Bavarian forest house. It was moved in 1982 from the Bavarian Forest Museum to the place where it is standing now. The house was first mentioned in 1748 so it is really a original Bavarian forest house.

Westpark München

Japanese Garden Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden hidden behind the trees.

Chinese Wall

And the Chinese wall with the Chinese garden.

Chinese Garden

Westpark München Westpark München

Sala Thai

And from Thailand there is the Sala.

Westpark München

Westpark München a nice park and i hope you enjoyed the little tour.


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