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The Admirant, Eindhoven

Admirant Building in Eindhoven

De Bruine Heer

The Admirant Building in Eindhoven opend the doors in 1927 and was a former Headquarters of Philips. It was called "De Bruine Heer" (The Brown Gentleman) by the people of Eindhoven. Together with "De Witte Dame" (The White Lady) they formed the view on the Emmasingel for many decades. Now a days they still are but not as factory's and offices now they are shops, appartmentbuildings, hotels and some still are offices. The people and the city Hall did protest against the Philips Corporation because they wanted to demolish the building. But it is the haritage of Philips in Eindhoven they belong together for already 125 years.

The Admirant

This entrance looks like the main entrance but officially it was the entrance for the people who worked in the Admirant. The sculptures above the entrance are from Albert Termote and have the title "Dragers van het Licht" (Carriers of the Light).

The Admirant

Main entrance former headquarters Philips.

EmmasingelThe Emmasingel view. At the left side you have the "BLOB" after that the office and appartmentbuilding "The Admirant" then in the middle the appartmentbuilding "The Regent".At the right side is the "White Lady" and in front is the Philips "Lightning Tower". I think the Emmasingel is a street with character. The past and future next to each other. In 1997 the former CEO Boonstra ordered that the headquarters had to move to Amsterdam. In 1999 Philips moved to Amsterdam to a new headquarters this did hurt the people of Eindhoven and from that moment on Philips wasn't in the hearts of the people of Eindhoven anymore like it was before. Eindhoven now is from the people who live in the city and not from Philips anymore like in the old days. The king is dead (Philips) long live the king (the people). But the buildings of the industrial revolution are still there and they will never be destroyed they still look modern, even they were build in the twenties of the last century. Monuments of the modern times.

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