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Philips Clock Building

Philips the Legacy

Philips Clock Building

Philips Clock Building

The Philips Clock Building was the former Philite factory where they produced Bakelite. It was designed by the architects A.I.J. de Broekert and J.R. Bouten from the Philips Technical Companies, construction department. They started the production in 1929 in the building known as Philips SA. The clock only was placed in 1930 and behind is the water reservoir. The clock building was designed in functionalist style. When Philips was at the highest economic point of the company more then thenthousend people were working on Strijp-S where the Clock building is situated. The building is now a national monument and after a big renovation the clock building get a new destination in 2008. Now there are more then 100 different creative companies located in the building.

Porters Lodge

As you enter the main entrance of the building you pass by the porters lodge. Here the Philips Security checked people as they entered or left the building.

Philips Clock Building Even about the design of the clock they thought in that time. They didn't use numbers from 1 to 12 but they inserted the Company name in it PHILIPS.Philips Clock Building

The Philips Clock Building. Build in 1928 but still a modern look.

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