Last BBQ 2014 Zhianjo

Last BBQ of the year 2014

The Last BBQ of 2014 


Today we had probably the last BBQ of this year. Normally at this time of the year it is already chilly and wet but not this weekend,

It is sunday october the 19 and we have a nice and sunny sunday.The temparture is 23 degrees celcius and what are you going to do then on a nice day like this? Yes you're going to do a BBQ with friends. So that's what we did a BBQ.

I bring the food with me and another one brought the beer with him. And that's how we did it a nice BBQ and we knew that it was the last change for this year.

BBQ Time BBQ Time

BBQ Time

BBQ Time Vincent

And we were lucky because we just finished the BBQ when dark clouds came and with them the rain. So we went quickly inside the house.

Last BBQ of the year

The women and children started to play cards and the guys were watching television. So everybody had a good time.

 Playing cards Playing cards

Playing cards

Playing cards

We have to wait untill next year when we have another BBQ.

But today we had a nice time and that's what it is all about.

Quality time with family and friends.

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