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Marathon Eindhoven 2014

Marathon Eindhoven 2014


For the 31st time the Marathon of Eindhoven was being held. Jomar and Mary did attent the IAK City Run over a distance of 5km.

It was the second time Jomar was running in a big event like this and it was the first time for Mary.

Jomar was very excited that he would run again in the marathon. Last year he was very good with the 2,5 km so what would it be this year but then over a distance of 5 km.

In 2013 it was very bad weather. It was raining and it was cold and windy. But this year they had very good weather. The sun was shining and it was around 20 degrees celcius. So a wonderful morning for a run.

We went to the school of Jomar so he and Mary could do a warming up. It is already a tradition at that school.

Warming up

Warming up  Warming up

Warming up Jomar and Mary

After the warming up everybody went to the city for their distance. There were kids who run the 2.5 km and others were going to run the 5 km. So the group split up in two because the starting point of the two distances where at a different location.

Waiting for the start

Waiting for the start with 6000 other people who are going to run the IAK City Run of 5 km.

Just before the start The start

At last the start where 6000 people had being waiting for including Jomar and Mary.


And Jomar well he did a great job. If you are 8 years old and you run the 5 km, with a average speed of 12 km/h, in 25.04 minutes then you're good.


So after he past the finish he get his medal and he was proud, and he should be. He did really a great job.

Jomar no1And his mother Mary well she did a graet job to but she wasn't so fast as Jomar. But she did it within 30 minutes.

Certificate Jomar  Certifocate Mary

Jomar & Mary

Jomar and Mary.

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