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Hundertwasser House Zhianjo

Unterm Regenturm, Plochingen

Friedensreich Hundertwasser House in Plochingen, Germany

"Unterm Regenturm"

("Beneath the Raintower")

In 1994 the city of Plochingen, Germany, had a new building. The Hundertwasser House "Unterm Regenturm" was a design by the famous architect, born in Vienna, Friedensreich Hundertwasser. If you go there you almost pass the building without noticing it. Why, well it is a parking garage for 300 places, and a shopping center. The only thing that is visible is the so called watertower. Like always with Hundertwasser the look of his buildings is organic. Lots of plants and trees and all the shapes of the buildings are round and lots of pillars with lots of colours. The ceramic bands on the building are symbolysing waterdrops that are flowing of the building. Every balcony has a different shape and here also lots of plants and even trees.

When you want to viste the Hundertwasser House in Plochingen make sure that you look into the calander of the Tourist Office because every month there is a day you can make a trip to this place and you can go inside the garden which is normally only allowed to the inhabitants of the building.

Normally you see Hundertwasser buildings already from a distance but this one, as already said, not. This is the only building that Hundertwasser developed with his special architecture at the inside. It is only for the inhabitants of the building itself. The Hundertwasser House in Plochingen is the last building that the architect finished after this all the other buildings that where build were finished after he died.

Enjoy the compilation of photos that i made from the Hundertwasser House "Unterm Regenturm"


Friedensreich Hundertwasser was born in Vienna, Austria, on the 15th of december 1928 under the name of Friedrich Stowasser. On the 19th of februari 2000 he died on board of the RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 as a New Zealand citizen. If you're going to the Schwarzwald  in Germany this is one of the buildings you must see.


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