Mary and Jomar on the Kreuzberg Zhianjo

Kreuzberg Düdinghausen, Germany

Düdinghausen is a little place in Germany and belonging to the city of Medenbach.

It got a long history and the first time that the name was mentioned was in the year 1107. So the place is already more then 900 years old.

It is well known for a small mountain that is called the "Kreuzberg"  (535 mtr high) which history is going back to the year 1856.

Every year with Eastern there is a pilgrimage to the top of the mountain.


On top of the Kreuzberg there is a chapel which was build in the year 2004.


Photo taken from the outside of the chapel. The colours of the glass in led in combination with the sun, gives the effect.

Overview of Düdinghausen with in the middle the St. Johannes Baptist Church. The photo was taken from the "Kreuzberg".

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