Happy Rizzi House Zhianjo

Happy Rizzi House

The last couple of weeks i'm going through my archive to find some nice photo's. So i can enhance them.

I use Photoshop Elements 11 and HDR Projects 2 for that.

It gives a whole different kind of look on your old photo's. So the last two weeks i'm posting photo's from the last 10 years.

Some are taken with a Sony Cybershot (my first digital cam) and later on i shot them with my Nikon D3100.

And i have to say with these programs you can do a lot. I am still in the discovery phase but i enjoy it.

So here is my next post. The photo's were taken in 2012 when we had a holiday in Germany.

Happy Rizzi House

The office building is totally in Pop-Art style. Lots of hearts and happy faces.

Braunschweig is the happy place where you can see it.

The building was designed by James Rizzi who was born in the USA on October 5 1950 in Brooklyn, New York.

The idea for the Rizzi house came from James Rizzi and the gallery owner Olaf Jäschke.

The architect of the project was Konrad Kloster.

In 2001 the Happy Rizzi House opened the doors for the first time.

On December 26 2011 James Rizzi died in New York.


As you can see it is a colourfull and happy building. So a succelfull design by James Rizzi.

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